Thanks to particular physiotherapy techniques, it is possible to get rid of the disabling discomfort associated with gastric reflux and hiatal hernia, by acting on the cause.
Deep manipulations and breathing exercises against reflux symptoms.
To understand how to solve gastric reflux and hiatal hernia in an effective and lasting way, you need to know essential information not only in the medical field, but also and above all in the physiotherapy, nutritional and emotional fields.
Why Physiotherapy? Fortunately, the therapeutic reality has evolved, and it has been discovered that these two pathologies are nothing more than mechanical phenomena, that is, often caused by an altered action of the diaphragm.
The diaphragm is a muscle that divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity and is in intimate contact with the stomach; it is dome-shaped and, when it undergoes shortening, tends to lower itself modifying its shape, pushing on the underlying stomach, constantly compressing it, thus giving rise to phenomena of slow digestion, favoring the onset of reflux, tachycardia and, in severe cases, hiatal hernia. In the latter case, it is not only the diaphragm muscle that shortens, but also a whole series of muscles and ligaments connected to it, which cause, with their shortening, the thrust of the stomach upwards.

Also an alteration of posture (curved back, hyperlordosis, etc.) can favor the onset of these two pathologies, again precisely due to a mechanical phenomenon, which can be resolved with a conservative mechanical physiotherapy treatment that falls, in full professional awareness, within the skills of a physiotherapist specialized in RPG (Global Postular Re-education). Thanks to special physiotherapy techniques, it is possible to get rid of the disabling discomfort associated with gastric
reflux and hiatal hernia, in a natural way and in a short time, because it acts on the cause. Any healing occurs always and only when the cause of the disease is acted upon.
It is normal for everything new, especially in medicine, to give rise to initial doubts, which, however, are still canceled out today by the evidence of the results that patients get every day.
A study published in the American Journal of Phisiology and conducted by the Medical Clinic Department of the Federal University of Ceara (Brazil) has in fact shown that deep manipulations, combined with breathing exercises to flexibilize and lengthen the diaphragm and all accessory respiratory muscles, are successful to significantly reduce heartburn due to reflux, acting on the cause.
The Trabucco Integrated Protocol, which draws its origins from Global Postural Rehabilitation, often allows to solve the main problem that caused the onset of reflux and / or a hiatal hernia. For the treatment, the patient undergoes a postural evaluation to discover the various structural alterations that are related to the gastroesophageal problem. The specific treatment plan is then developed to bring the anatomical components that need correction into balance.
For this treatment, the patient is supine and we always start with respiratory work, to allow the diaphragm to relax, stretch and flex, so that this muscle can finally re-enter a correct relationship with the esophagus and stomach, and thus prevent or resolve the problems given by reflux.
It is necessary to emphasize that, in addition to the treatment in the studio, it is important to carry out the exercises at home above all, to maintain the corrections over time, and therefore the results obtained, repeating them at least 4 times a week, in order to be able to significantly improve one’s own quality of life.
In this regard, a self-care protocol consisting of some videos has been developed, both for patients who undergo treatment and for those who do not have a specialized physiotherapist available, where it is explained in detail how to perform the these physiotherapy techniques are better, even at home alone, given the simplicity of execution.
I am an advocate of freedom, so I think that learning to manage your health problems on your own, is priceless, because it is equivalent to being free.