I’m 47 and it’s twenty years that I’ve been suffering from recurring asthma and occasional heartburn that I’ve always thought could be in some way related. Unfortunately, at the end of 2014 my gastric problems became chronic and worsened my asthma symptoms. Given my good general health conditions, I thought I could always be free to exceed my usual diet and hygienic habits without worrying too much. But when I started to suffer from heartburn and stomach acidity I also started to suffer from enteric disturbances together with unusual problems at my upper and lower respiratory tract (strong whooping, apparently asthmatic, nocturnal cough, recurring inflammation of the external ear canal, of the pharynx with an apparent allergic rhinitis). In a short time, this provoked me an unbalanced psychophysical state, exacerbated by anxiety and psychological dejection.

After going to the doctor who wrote me a prescription for the usual drug therapy (bronchodilators, anti-inflammatories, and anti-histamines and/or antibiotics for the respiratory tract; anti-acids and PPIs for the gastro intestinal disturbances) all I could get was just a minor improvement of the symptoms, and that’s why I decided to address to the Global Postural Reeducation in order to try to solve either my gastric and my respiratory problems.

Even though I didn’t undergo all the analysis due for the gastro intestinal tract but only those of the respiratory tract (that confirmed the allergic nature of my recurring asthma and of the occasional rhinitis), thus having just a general diagnosis from my doctor, I decided to follow the so called alternative treatments. (It is necessary to remind that my symptoms could be linked to a suspected GERD, suspected Helycobtter Pilori virus, and a suspected presence of a hiatal hernia, and that all the usual medicines I had taken had not produced significant improvements).

Among the alternative therapies, I thought that the physiotherapy of doctor Trabucco, the so called Trabucco method, could be the most effective to solve my chronic gastrointestinal problems connected to those of the respiratory tract.

My determination and my strong will to recover, together with the skill and professionalism of doctor Immacolata, whose strong empathy and sense of kindness in understanding the problems of the patients are unique, have been fundamental and essential to obtain positive results soon after the initial sessions. From that moment, a quick improvement has been total and it’s still goin’ on.

I want to make clear that this decision allowed me to understand how wrong my dietary and healthy habits were. Thanks to doctor Trabucco I was able to correct them in a short time and make sure that the exercises I did were not in vain but, on the contrary, could help me get the necessary awareness (together with the total relief) of a now balanced state of mind and body that I had for a long time forgotten. In the end, Trabucco method allowed me to understand that each one of us has his own personal way to stay in good health. We need to take care of our own wellness according to our own rules, and become aware of what is dangerous for our own psycho physical balance, trying at the same time to prevent illnesses in our very personal and unique way.

Giuseppe Miceli

In 2012, during the first months of the year, I started to have difficulties in swallowing. Despite this, I didn’t suffer from any kind of sore throat. Then, on march 29, everything collapsed. Suddenly I felt like choking and, in order to be able to breathe, I was forced to swallow otherwise I had to spit. The healthcare assistants of the ambulance told me that I could be affected by the so called globus pharyngis. In April, as my days passed in desperate conditions, I underwent laryngoscopy and I was diagnosed with GERD. At that point I started to take Lucen and Gaviscon (two Italian specific medicines). On April 24, I underwent gastroscopy and they discovered a sliding hiatal hernia. The  doctor wrote a prescription for Limpidex, plus Gaviscon and Motilium. Despite the visits and the medicines I felt really bad and suffering: that’s why I started to take into consideration surgery. But the mere idea was intolerable; too many contrasting opinions came from other patients and different doctors. My professor at the hospital, from his point of view, was very determined to not letting me undergo surgery operation. At that point, hopeless, I started to try to live with it.

At the beginning of 2013, I discovered that the Trabucco method could help healing hiatal hernias. This discovery was very important for me. From the moment I started the sessions, the throat itching reduced and my mood definitely improved. Now, after one year, I underwent another gastroscopy that showed no more signs of hiatal hernia. For this reason I decided to keep on doing these physiotherapy, hoping to maintain my healthy conditions.

Pamela Pranzetti

I was suffering from sliding hiatal hernia and before beginning the Trabucco method I took Pantoprazole and Gaviscon after eating and before going to bed. Swallowing was painful, I had pains in my back too, and I always needed to clear my throat. In the mornings, my mouth tasted acid.

Soon after the first session of exercises, and after two days, I stopped taking Gaviscon because I felt as if I had taken it, with no side effects. I was fine.

After the third day, I decided to reduce Pantoprazole, and I stopped taking it every day and focused on a correct diet. Now, gradually, I intend to stop it in a permanent way.

I have no doubts that Trabucco Method works. Thanks to its particular breathing exercises, it helps you keep the reflux under control. It’s like pushing your stomach down.

My throat isn’t acid anymore, and my voice, that sometimes in the past was raucous, is now clear. I can drink a glass of vine without the painful heartburn that I used to feel. Swallowing is also improved, now I only feel a feeble itch. Although starting this treatment has meant going from Milan to Rome once a week, now I am very satisfied with my choice and I want to go on and look for someone in Milan, because these exercises are really useful.

Alice Zucchelli

For eight years I have suffered from a strong gastro-esophageal reflux together with a painful gastritis.  The suffering had become so annoying that, despite the amount of medicines that I used to take and that I still take, I decided to look for another kind of therapy that would grant me more permanent results. That’s when I came across doctor Imma Trabucco whose help has been very precious. Thanks to her breathing techniques and her physiotherapy, and to her useful dietary and depurative suggestions, after only four sessions I started to feel a great relief that allowed me to move back to Australia, where I have been working for some years.

Improvements came soon after the initial breathing exercises that provided me with the necessary energy for the day. I’m sure that if I had kept on following the therapy I would have got more relief and I’m sure I would also have solved the problem in a permanent way. That’s why I strongly suggest to all of you suffering from any kind of stomach problems to address to doctor Trabucco and follow her innovative approach that will help you get through these symptoms.

Giampiero B

I started suffering from gastritis, reflux and sliding hernia in 2010. It was a terrible hot day of the middle of July and I began to choke, and my throat firmly locked. From that day, it was a nightmare. A recurring choking sensation, acidity and a white mucus in my nose started to accompany all the days of my life. It’s not easy for the reader to understand my suffering but it was really horrible.

I tried to do everything!

Treatments for anxiety, for the reflux. I wasted a lot of money in medicines hoping to get some results, in vain. The medicines were not a magic wand, and the doctors were not ‘gurus’ that could miraculously help me recover. Slowly, after trying all the kinds of allopathic medicine and alternative therapies (just in case I was missing something), I decided to take a break and accept what was going on, without opposing any resistance. I underwent psychological treatment and, thanks to the Internet, I came across this method that, they told, could help reduce the symptoms of this pathology and sometimes even healing them. This method was a physiotherapy. I read that thanks to it, you could rapidly go through the symptoms.

I contacted doctor Imma Trabucco that soon visited me. Since I don’t live in Rome (I live in Abruzzo, about 200 km far) I could only pay her one visit every fifteen days. I did four sessions in the first days and after each session I felt really better. Since in my case I should have done at least one per week, I think this is a great outcome. I believe it is the right path for me because now I feel better and I suggest you to try it. I don’t think it’s a placebo (something like “it works if you believe in it”) because it’s a therapy based on mechanic movements that only a specialized physiotherapist can perform. I really hope that my experience can be useful for someone.

Erika T.

I’m 35, e from 7-8 years I have been suffering from gastro-esophageal reflux. You must believe me, the disturbances are really numerous and can compromise your physical and psychological life. If I just recall all the times I had to say no to some special foods, to dinners with friends! Food has conditioned my life a lot in these years because I was forced to be careful on what to eat and how to cook it. Until, one day I met professor Iannetti that, after a period of treatment with medicines, suggested me to start following doctor Trabucco’s physiotherapy. From that moment, Trabucco method has been part of my life! What Am I talking about? It’s a Postural Reeducation aimed at stretching the diaphragm (but not only) in order to reduce the gastro-esophageal reflux. Well, I can tell you that after five sessions I could eat gnocchi and orange again, two types of food that I wasn’t supposed to touch… my digestion is improving, likewise the sensation of being bloating, the pain in my chest etc… Finally I quit Laroxyl that I used to take at night and I really feel better. I find that this method has been beneficial to me. Just try it out!

A special thanks to doctor Iannetti and doctor Imma Trabucco.

Lorenza S.

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