Dr. Imma Trabucco

I graduated in Physiotherapy in 2003 from La Sapienza University in Rome. Afterwards, I obtained a specialisation in postural re-education from Tor Vergata University, a specialisation in fascial manipulation – Stecco Method – (levels I and II from New Master in Rome and level III at the Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco in Padua), and specialisation in Manual Therapy-Visceral Osteopathy. My past painful experience suffering from gastric reflux disease has made me very sensitive to the pain of others suffering from this unpleasant disease, and led me to specialise in the branch of visceral rehabilitation. I continuously attend seminars on these subjects. Given the evidence of healing obtained in the field with testimonies, I decided to help as many people as possible, considering the numerous requests that I receive every day for help with gastric reflux disease, hiatal hernias and related diseases such as reflux tachycardia, coughing and/or reflux asthma.