Dr. Imma Trabucco, Physiotherapist, specialized in the mechanical treatment of:
gastroesophageal reflux, hiatal hernia,
reflux tachycardia and NERD

“After years of studies, research, practical applications on my patients and precious collaborations with specialist doctors such as Dr. Prof. Antonio Iannetti, Dr.Prof. Giorgio Crucitti, I have developed an Integrated Care Protocol that I have called the Trabucco Method. This method is composed of special physiotherapy techniques learned and experimented in various medical courses over the years, and an emotional work on stress management, with the practice of Bioenergetics and Mindfulness.”

Dr. Imma Trabucco
Physiotherapist, Postural, Visceral and Fascial Rehabilitation Specialist, Researcher and Author

This Center specializes in the treatment of gastric reflux, hiatal hernia, NERD and related pathologies and does so NOT through visceral manipulations, but through PHYSIOTHERAPY TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS to rebalance the muscular-fascial system, often a trigger of gastro-esophageal pathologies.

What makes the difference with the other manual techniques is that the Trabucco Method developed by our Center is an INTEGRATED TREATMENT METHOD, consisting not only of a specific physiotherapy support, but also of a medical and emotional support, as the Reflux disease is in most cases the result of a deeper imbalance, often lasting years, which must therefore be understood and investigated on each individual patient and treated at 360 °. This is because it is impossible to observe the living being from a single point of view. He is always wrong like this.

For a lasting healing over time, it is important to have a multidisciplinary approach as you get with the Trabucco Method.

The Trabucco Method for the treatment of gastric reflux

Sore throat? Tachycardia? These are just 2 of the symptoms that can be caused by reflux. It is very important to evaluate all your symptoms, the causes that cause them, carry out all the necessary checks and diagnostic tests and then, finally, proceed with the treatment.

Treating gastric reflux and related diseases, so as to allow you to no longer depend on drugs or restrictive diets, is exactly what we do with the Integrated Method Trabucco Protocol.