We are specialists in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, hiatal hernia and tachycardia caused by the reflux

“After many years of study, researches and experiences with my patients, and after many significant collaborations like those with doctor Antonio Iannetti and doctor Maria Paola Franceschini, I developed an Integrated Treatment Protocol that I called Trabucco Method. It is based on particular physiotherapy techniques, on the so called gastro intestinal re-programming, and on the physiology and pathophysiology of the metabolism and of the vegetative regulation. It also envisages a work on the emotions in order to try to manage stress, following the principles of Bioenergetics and Mindfulness“.

Dott.ssa Imma Trabucco
Fisioterapista, Specialista in Rieducazione Posturale Globale e in Manipolazione Fasciale, Osteopata viscerale, Ricercatrice e Autrice

Both those who cannot follow the courses in my studio and for all those who want to discover my method, I have prepared this practical guide based on physiotherapeutic techniques that I generally use when I treat my patients suffering from acid-reflux and hiatal hernia. This e book has got the special preface of professor Antonio Iannetti. It is prepared, above all, for those that are really busy and don’t have too much time to go to a physiotherapist but have the need to get successful results in a short time. Commitment and perseverance are essential to cure acid-reflux.

“Me and doctor Trabucco want to send a message to all those patients suffering from these pathologies, either those who have lost their hope and those who still want to fight against this anatomical-functional problem. Please consider the possibility to start this therapeutic program”


Professor Antonio Iannetti

Gastroenterologist, La Sapienza University- Rome


Upon request, It is possible to organize, in your country, courses to treat acid reflux with the Trabucco Method with no more than 15 people. Write us for more informations.